Xbox Application for Screen Recording in Windows 10


       Everyone like to play games. The happiness you get after achieving that most hard level in game is wordless. Whether it is Hat-Trick goal of Lionel Messi or you found a Rolls-Royce in Grand Theft Auto-V every hard core gamer will like to save that moment in a piece of film. I think Microsoft would have been known these while developing Xbox application for Windows 10.
       Yes, you heard it right. Now you can record your game play using X box Game DVR. In market that are lots of softwares available like Bandicam and it is also true that you can enjoy full version with crack but again there is chance that you might offer new home to VIRUS/SPY SOFTWARE. So better if you are using X box DVR function for recording your game play. An interesting thing about this software is you can use it for recording your screen also. How? Let us go ahead.

Step 1: Go to Store Application in Windows.
            (Before this you should configure your Microsoft account with Store)

Step 2: Type X box in search box and hit enter. It will get automatically installed when you click     Install button like Android Playstore.

Step 3: After installing it launch it. If you are unable to launch this application then please go through this post How To Launch X box Successfully.

Step 4: After verifying successful installation of this application you can press Win+G to open screen recording toolbox. 

Step 5: Check the "Yes, this is a game". Then the main tool bar to record your screen will appear as   shown in the figure. Click on Red Circle to start recording. You can also take screenshot by clicking on camera button on the tool bar. As in image you can also see you have option to record through your mic. 

NOTE: The Frames Per Seconds of recorded film of screen depends on game quality also. But, according to my survey most of the game supports 1080p 30 fps.

You can use these to quickly perform the Game Bar Actions:
  • Win+Alt+PrtSc - Screen capture
  • Win+Alt+R - Screen recording
When recording it done, you can find the completed recording file in File Explorer, under This PC\Videos\Captures\. Screen image captures are also saved in this same "Videos\Captures" folder.

Thats'it! You have recorded your screen. It simply beautiful but the main limitation of this feature is if you minimize you current working window then recording will stop and film will be stored in specified/ default location. While playing game you will not notice this. But, if you are using this feature to record tutorials then you should read my post Record Your Screen For Free.

I think this should help you. If you have any doubt or difficulty please ask in comment section.
Thank You.


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