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Increase Phone Memory of your Android Device with micro SD

Hello readers, I am back again with new post. This time we will learn how to increase internal storage of your Android device with external memory card. Phone memory also known as Internal Storage as well as ROM can be increased with micro SD if your device is running on Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher than this.
       Before Android Marshmallow it was almost impossible to increase your ROM with external memory card. Performing Root used to be only option at that time. You will ask why ROM is so important? Whatever application we install are all stored in ROM i.e., in your phone memory. Suppose you have 16 GB of memory as ROM and you love to try new installs then for sure at one point of time you will face "NOT ENOUGH MEMORY" problem while using phone even if you have 128 GB of external memory card. Google is so smart they felt pain of this message and came up with such useful features in Marshmallow and Nougat.
       So let us start with this. Please follow the …

Lost Phone? Worried about WhatsApp?Read this

WhatsApp has become an integrated part of our digital life. More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp over the world. You can imagine what WhatsApp has become by knowing this number. The pain you feel when you lost your chat is wordless. So, I have came across one support procedure from WhatsApp to be follow when you lost your phone.
       Consider the scenario where your old iPhone which you are using suddenly become blank and service center executive says that you need to replace your iPhone. Even it is a case with condition you have backed up your chat with iCloud no need to worry. But, in worst case scenario consider you have not taken chat backup of your WhatsApp with iCloud then you will lost your previous backup. No one can do anything because WhatsApp don't store that backup on server but on local storage/Google Drive/ iCloud.

       The time from where your phone became dead till you get new one you may lost your important  messages that also can't be recovered…