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How To Launch X box Successfully

Hello readers, Till now we have discussed about free tools to record your screen for FREE OF COST without installing any patch in our PC/laptop. If you haven't read my earlier post about this tools I would recommend you to go through my previous post.

X box Application for Screen Recording in Windows 10Record Your Screen for FREE

       OK. So, we are going to discuss about X box not opening after installation from Store in windows 10. If you area facing the same problem then dear you are not the only one facing this issue. Most of the users are facing this and guess what it is not Application issue. After couple of week my Xbox application itself stopped launching . Whenever i used to click on Xbox icon that application was only showing the Xbox image and after that used get crash. I searched for this on Internet for many days but did not found any working solution for this problem. On a day while doing R&D on this I got solution for that and I successfully tackled thi…

Xbox Application for Screen Recording in Windows 10

Everyone like to play games. The happiness you get after achieving that most hard level in game is wordless. Whether it is Hat-Trick goal of Lionel Messi or you found a Rolls-Royce in Grand Theft Auto-V every hard core gamer will like to save that moment in a piece of film. I think Microsoft would have been known these while developing Xbox application for Windows 10.
       Yes, you heard it right. Now you can record your game play using X box Game DVR. In market that are lots of softwares available like Bandicam and it is also true that you can enjoy full version with crack but again there is chance that you might offer new home to VIRUS/SPY SOFTWARE. So better if you are using X box DVR function for recording your game play. An interesting thing about this software is you can use it for recording your screen also. How? Let us go ahead.

Step 1: Go to Store Application in Windows.
            (Before this you should configure your Microsoft account with Store)

Step 2: Type X …

Record Your Screen For FREE

Ever since era of You Tube has emerged everyone is running behind recording screen and uploading great tutorials on You Tube. Screen recording in not only useful for You Tube purpose but also for many reasons. There are lot of softwares available for screen recording but their trial period will allow you to record screen for only 10 minutes. Some of them are listed below.

        1. Ice Cream Screen Recorder
        2. Camtasia Studio
        3. Bandicam Screen Recorder
        4. Hypercam Screen Recorder

       To be more honest they are actually overpriced if we consider their functionality. So using them and recording screen for just for 10 minutes will not allow us to express ourself or our work more effectively. We may miss some important points while recording using trial version of above this softwares. So are you still pissed off using that 10 minutes trial of software? Most probably I will get answer as "YES". Now again searching with Google for patch and cr…